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5.0.0  Interior Design    

Sr No. Name & Location of the Project Client

Approx. Cost 

( Rs. in Lacs )

5.1.0 Office Interior for GSFC at Navjivan Press Building, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Financial Corporation Limited 18 Works Completed.
5.2.0 Office for HUDCO at Gruh Nirman Building Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Housing & Urban Development Corporation ( New Delhi ) 6 Works Completed.
5.3.0 Super Bazars at Navdeep Building Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Co. Op. Consumers Federation Limited 10 Works Completed.
5.4.0 Office at Chunibhai Chambers  Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited 5 Works Completed.
5.5.0 Office at Ahmedabad and Library at Gandhinagar Campus Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India 2 Works Completed.
5.6.0 Govt. Secretary M/s. H.K.Khan & C.K.Koshi's Chambers at New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar Government of Gujarat 5 Works Completed.
5.7.0 Office at Hasubhai Chambers  Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat Lease Finance Limited 15 Works Completed.
5.8.0 Office and Guest Suits at Grih Nirman Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Co. Op. Housing Finance Society 5 Works Completed.
5.9.0 Office Utility Building Interior at Ankleshwar O.N.G.C. 30 Works Completed.
5.10.0 Office Interior Ahmedabad O.N.G.C. 100 Works Completed.
5.11.0 Admi. Block at Gandhinagar Factory G.C.E.L. 8 Works Completed.
5.12.0 Computerized Branch at Gandhinagar S.B.I. 18 Works Completed.
5.13.0 Office at Smrudhi Bldg. Ahmedabad Vam Organics Ltd. 2 Works Completed.
5.14.0 Reception and Conferance room at Gruh Nirman, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Co. Op. Housing Finance Soc. Ltd. 5 Works Completed.
5.15.0 Bank Interior at Chokha Bazar, Ahmedabad Kapupur Commercial Bank Ltd. 4 Works Completed.
5.16.0 Office at Ahmedabad Ultra Marine Blue Bird Industires 4 Works Completed.
5.17.0 Departmental Store at Ahmedabad Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation 10 Works Completed.
5.18.0 Office at Centre Point, Ahmedabad Gujarat Power Corp. 15 Works Completed.
5.19.0 Office at Ahmedabad Steel Authority of India 20 Works Completed.
5.20.0 Office at Sakar Bldg., Ahmedabad Times of India 50 Works Completed.
5.21.0 Office at IRD, Nandesari H.P.C.L. 7 Works Completed.
5.22.0 Office at City Centre, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Finance Service 2.5 Works Completed.
5.23.0 Corporate Account Group & NRI Branch at Mittakali, Ahmedabad Bank of Baroda 225 Works Completed.
5.24.0 MD Office at Electricity House, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Electricity Co. Ltd. 6 Works Completed.
5.25.0 Office at Gandhinagar Gujarat State Petrochemicals Ltd. 70 Works Completed.
5.26.0 Office at C.G.Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat Gas Co. Limited 36 Works Completed.
5.27.0 Office at Vatva Ahmedabad Electricity Co. 3 Works Completed.
5.28.0 Fully Computerized Commercial Branch State Bank of India 150 Works Completed.
5.29.0 Office for SIDBI at Ahmedabad Small Industries Development Bank of India 80 Works Completed.
5.30.0 I.B.P. at Ahmebadad Indo Burma Petroleum 25 Works Completed.
5.31.0 Interior of Balwas Hotel at Ahmedabad Balwas Hotel Pvt. Ltd. 10 Works Completed.
5.32.0 Interior for Garvi Handloom at Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat State Handloom Dev. corporation 3 Works Completed.
5.33.0 Standing Committee Room and Gandhi Hall etc. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation 25 Works Completed.
5.34.0 G.S.F.C. office at Udyog Bhavan Gandhinagar G.S.F.C. 400 Nearing Completion.
5.35.0 SIDBI office at Baroda Small Industries Development Bank 25 Tendering stage.
5.36.0 Office Interior for G.M.D.C. at Ahmedabad G.M.D.C. 5 Works Completed.
5.37.0 Various Interior for A.E.C. at Ahmedabad A.E.C. 100 Works Completed.
5.38.0 GIIC office at Udyogbhavan, Gandhinagar G.I.I.C. 476 Works Completed.
5.39.0 Admn. Block at Changodar Nova Petrochemical Ltd. 175 Works Completed.
5.40.0 B.O.B. Interior at Chiripal House, Ahmedabad B.O.B. 175 Works Completed.
5.41.0 U.B.I. Interior for Service Branch, Ahmedabad U.B.I. 15 Works Completed.
5.42.0 Dena Bank Interior at Gandhinagar Dena Bank 10 Works Completed.
5.43.0 Gujarat Maritime Board at Gandhinagar G.R.I.M.C.O. 100 Execution Stage.
5.44.0 Industries Comm. at Gandhinagar G.R.I.M.C.O. 100 Completed.
5.45.0 Interior for at Sayajigunj premises Baroda U.B.I. 150 Tendering Stage
5.46.0 Interior for at Sarkhej Highway, Ahmedabad C.M.C. Ltd. 40 Execution Stage
5.47.0 Interior for at Udyog Bhavan, Gandhinagar G.S.I.C. Ltd. 100 Works Completed.
5.48.0 Interior for C.A.G. N.R.I., Depository Branch, Ahmedabad State Bank Of India 250 Execution Stage
5.49.0 Interior for Satellite Branch, Ahmedabad Bank of Baroda 15 Estimate Stage
5.50.0 Interior for Capital Market Branch at Ahmedabad S.B.I. 40 Works Completed.
5.51.0 Interior for Office of G.S.P.C., Ahmedabad G.S.P.C. 70 Works Completed.


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